1. Chief Poupore
    Chief Poupore
  2. Secretary Lanaville
    Secretary Lanaville
  3. D/Sgt. Hansen
    D/Sgt. Hansen
  4. Sgt. Adams
    Sgt. Adams
  5. Officer LaPalm
    Officer LaPalm
  6. Officer Karaja
    Officer Karaja
  7. School Resource Officer Bergstrom
    School Resource Officer Bergstrom
  8. Officer Polfus
    Officer Polfus
  9. Officer Meshigaud
    Officer Meshigaud
  10. Officer Hardwick
    Officer Hardwick
  11. Officer Bianga
    Officer Bianga
  12. Officer Larson
    Officer Larson

The mission of the Hannahville Tribal Police Department is to deliver professional law enforcement services to PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND the citizens of the Hannahville Indian Community while
respecting the rights and dignity of all persons.
  1. Feeding America
    Feeding America
  2. Domestic Violence Awareness
    Domestic Violence Awareness
  3. Feeding America
    Feeding America
  4. Fuzzbuster
  5. National Night Out
    National Night Out