Matthew Karaja
Matt is a 2004 graduate of Hannahville Indian School.  Matt graduated from the Northern Michigan Regional Police Academy in August 2006.  Matt has been employed with the Hannahville Tribal Police Department since 2006, and was promoted to Sergeant in March of 2013.  In November of 2015, Matt accepted a position with the Hannahville Tribal Court as the Adult Probation Officer while continuing with the Hannahville Police Department as the Court Bailiff.  Matt is very active and wanted to get back on the beat.  He returned to the Hannahville Police Department in March of 2016, after accepted a patrolman position.  In September of 2017, Matt was promoted back to Sergeant. 
Some of Matt's hobbies include, running 5K races, boxing, golfing, and any kind of physical training.
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